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Whole Body Photography

Patient Instructions for Whole-body Photography

What to Wear, and What Not to Wear to the Appointment:

On the day of your appointment, please wear loose-fitting clothing, to prevent pressure lines on your skin. Make-up, nail polish and jewelry should be completely removed prior to the session. Long hair should be tied up.

The Photography Session:

The session will last approximately one hour. Dr. David J. Dolson, the photographer, will orient you to the studio and the process. To allow for maximal skin visualization, you will wear only a small disposable bikini-type bottom, which will be provided. There is a changing room/bathroom immediately across the hall from the studio room (which itself is located in a medical office). A freshly laundered, full-sized cloth bathrobe and sandals are there for your use.

A female assistant will provide support when photographing female patients.

After the Photography Session:

About three weeks after the session you will receive two USB thumb drives in the mail. Each thumb drive contains your total body photographs, organized and password protected, utilizing Canfield Scientific’s DermaGrafix stand-alone software (one drive for you, and the other for your physician or a back-up, whichever you choose). Written instructions on how to use the software are included with thumb drives, as well as here. Your password will be sent separately, either by email or letter. The thumb drives only have our office contact information imprinted on one side, and a serial number inscribed on the reverse side. This is done to protect your privacy. Should you misplace the password, call our office with the inscribed serial number, and we will provide you with the password (please confirm that you have the password well prior to a clinic visit, preventing a scramble to obtain it at the last minute).


Patient Consent for Medical Whole-body Photography – Click Here to view document

Canfield Dermagraphix Bodymap Viewer Instructions – Click Here to view document

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